Halloween Books

Looking for a Scary read?

Or a title about a friendly, trick-or-treating monster?


Halloween books in the Holiday section of the library can be scarce this time of year! But not all books about pumpkins, monsters, ghosts and mummy’s, live in the Halloween section.

You can find spooky stories on the I Can Reads, Picture Books, Fiction and Non-Fiction shelves.

To look for library items about your favorite Halloween characters and subjects, type the character in our search engine under “Keyword Search For:” and select “General Notes” for the  “Search By:” field.


Jacket     Untitled      Jacket 2


Searching this way will bring up books in our catalog that mention ghosts.  You can then narrow the results by selecting Fiction, or non-fiction, and type of age group.

Other Halloween related search term examples are: Halloween, pumpkin, scary, mummy, monster, vampire, witch and many more.

Other holidays are just around the corner, try similar searches for those hard to find Thanksgiving books!


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