Behind the Scenes: The Traveling Book

Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop off a book in the book drop or leave it on a table? You know the book cannot fly magically to where it belongs! It is actually the job of a “Page” to know where a book should go, and where to put it. Yes, that is really the name of the job for the very important people who make sure that every book is where it should be so that you may find what you want.

Once you put the book in the book-drop, the pages bring a cart from the library, and then open the book-drop up and place all of the books, cd’s, etc. inside of the cart. They then go inside the library and place the books inside the sorter. This is a special machine that scans each book and moves the book into the bin that it belongs to. These books then go onto a cart with wheels which are taken to a “parking area” for carts. A page picks out a cart and goes off to kids, teens, or adults, to shelve the books. If they find a book on a table then they put it on a pick-up cart which is a special cart you see that is for books that people do not want to check-out. They go into the sorter and the same process happens all over again.

Page Nancy Alvarez has been shelving books for 15 years! She said, “I like to look at all the books and see what kind of books there are. I get to see the new books too! Her favorite part of the job is when she is asked to help someone get a book that they want to read. Nancy explained, “I enjoy helping people find books and watching them get excited. It makes me happy when we find the books that they want!”

Pages are also important because they “shelf read” which means they are in charge of a certain area and they make sure the books are in the correct order. Many of them also have special talents and use them to make the libraries incredible places. There are some pages that are amazing artists and¬†¬†sometimes make felt designs for storytimes or decorate bulletin boards. Others give books beautiful new covers. They have many talents and take care of all of the items in the library.

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