Growing a Garden

Did you enjoy planting radish seeds at Dia?  Our seedlings are really growing! The Santa Clarita Public Library wants to give you more opportunities to experience plants and watching things grow this summer. We will be giving away a sunflower seed starting kit as one of our summer reading prizes. In honor of all things growing, here are a few titles to explore.  Remember to click on the image for a link to the title in our catalog.


It’s A Sunflower! / Es un Girasol!  – This book is best for children in preschooler through grade one.   The text helps build vocabulary while providing a introduction into learning about sunflowers. 




 Sunflowers Up Close / Los Girasols – This books is best for children in kindergarten through second grade.  This book provides a more focused look at the sunflower including the different parts of the plant and it’s origins.




 The Life Cycle of a Rose – Best for children in grades K-3, this book identifies where roses grow, the parts of a rose,  and the important role of insects pollination .  The beautiful photographs of the plant and animals that interact with it  provide an excellent compliment to the text.





 A Backyard Flower Garden for Kids – Are you and your child ready to create your own garden?  This  book will help you  identify how, where, what and when to plant your garden.  Short on space, the book includes a chapter on container gardening.  Full page photographs and a sections on  planting to attract birds and butterflies make this a  nice book for building your first garden together .  This book is best for children in  grades 2-6.


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