AWE Computers

AWE Early Literacy Stations

Located in the Children’s Area of the Old Town Newhall and Valencia Libraries are the comprehensive all-in-one touch screen computers. It requires no Internet connection, so it is safe and secure. It features more than 50 educational software programs spanning seven curricular areas including music and art, science, math, social studies, phonics, problem-solving and computer skills.  Many of the software programs contain disguised learning activities that expand the child’s experience through games and extension activities. They are a great digital learning solution for children ages 2-8.

They are designed to optimize educational effectiveness while making learning fun.   Educational software titles are carefully chosen by AWE Digital Learning Solutions for age appropriateness, educational value, replay interest, ease of use, entertainment value, graphics and sound quality, and discovery and growth.  These computers help the library fulfill its mission by comprehensively supporting early literacy.  In addition, there are some programs that support STEM education which is a government supported initiative (link to information about STEM education or STEAM) as well as programs that are aligned with U.S. state Common Core Standards (link to information about U.S. state and Common Core Standards).  See our handout for titles that fit with the California State Common Core Standards for Grades K-3rd.



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