Storytime is Almost Here

The beginning of storytime is just around the corner! That is right, storytimes at the Santa Clarita Public Library will be resuming for the fall session beginning Monday, September 15th and will continue through the week of November 17th.  We are happy to be providing over 25 different storytimes each week between our three branches for different age groups, so there is sure to be a fit for everyone.

Attending storytime with your child presents many valuable opportunities for both you and your children. It is undeniable that having books in your home, reading to your child, and letting them explore books on their own, are all essential for your child’s developing communication and basic speech skills. In addition, access to books helps to create a higher capacity for learning in general.

Attending a storytime at the library helps provide these skills in addition to others, and it is also a great learning opportunity for parents. Young children learn a lot from modeling (seeing others do something and then model that behavior). Bringing your child to storytime gives them the opportunity to see the excitement books give to the other children. Also, it helps them learn to sit for periods of time as well as helping them listen to adults, besides their parents.  Interacting with others in storytime is always a good thing!

Storytime provides parents with a great opportunity to learn alongside their child. Adults will learn the rhymes, songs, and finger plays that are being presented by the librarian each week. This new knowledge can be used before bedtime or after you read at home. Listening to the stories will help you pick up tips on how to read stories, along with types of questions to ask you child about the book you are reading. You might even find different authors you had never heard about before.

Additionally, storytime is a great opportunity to model behavior for your children. Research shows that children who see their parents reading for enjoyment are more likely to enjoy reading themselves.  By sitting next to them on the floor during storytime and listening to the stories and participating in the songs and rhymes, you displaying for your child important behaviors and skills they will carry with them not only during storytime but throughout their lives.

We ask that you please put cellphones and other devices on silent and set them away for the storytime presentation. Also, please leave any conversation until after storytime is over. We recognize that this is a great opportunity for you to meet other parents from around the community, and while we encourage this, we ask that you hold all your conversations until the end of storytime.


Times, dates, and locations for storytimes as well as information about other library programs can all be found here on our library events calendar.


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