Weekly Search & Find Challenge (Traducción al Español al final)

i-spy animals

  I see… 3 yellow chicks, 2 ducks, a cat in a green basket, 2 dinosaurs, a blue frog, 2 pigs, and 2 seals, what else can you find?   Clic en la imagen para agrandarla Yo veo…3 pollitos amarillos, 2 patos, 1 gato en una canasta verde, 2 dinosaurios,…

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Paper Snakes Craft! Traducción al Español al Final

Paper Snakes The temperatures outside are rising, which means soon, we will start to see our slithering friends on trails, at local parks, and even in our own backyards. As the parent of a young child, now is a great time to start talking snakes and snake safety with your…

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Give Me A Break activity and craft (Traducción al Español al Final)

Brain Break craft

Give Me A Break Is your child getting more screen time than they used to? Are they struggling to get work done on long stretches of online homework or getting wiggly during your third online meeting of the day? Give yourself and your child a break, a brain break. This…

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Weekly Build Challenge: Friction Challenge Traducción al Español al final

lego car

Welcome to the weekly build challenge! Families are encouraged to get creative with Lego blocks, figurines or other craft materials to solve a challenge. We will be posting a challenge each week. What is friction? Legos and hot wheels are great for racing along the floor, but why do cars…

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