Math Time!

Have you ever tried counting sheep in your head at night? From simple counting to much more challenging math-y things, math is fun for a lot of people. So how does a kid who enjoys addition, arrays, area, and algebra find interesting books that feature math?

And what about some books for those kids who avoid math whenever possible — are there books that can make math less scary?

It hasn’t always been easy to find books that feature math in a fun way, but there are some great options available now.  Look for these favorites of Children’s Librarians from Canyon Country, Old Town Newhall, and Valencia Libraries!

Math Fables by Greg Tang (Preschool-Grade 1) features counting and grouping. Tang’s Grapes of Math (Grade 2-5) plays with riddles which provide math strategies which will delight math lovers and make life easier for . . . the others! Look for more math and science books by this author.

How many roosting spots will a woodpecker create in a lifetime? Lola Schaefer’s Lifetime: the Amazing Numbers in Animal Lives (Kindergarten-Grade 4) will have kids counting, estimating, and even computing word problems with the details given in this very interesting book.

In the book If…A Mind-Bending New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers (Grades 2-4), David J. Smith scales down huge distances, amounts, and timelines into chunks that make sense. This title is a curiosity-building book if ever there was one.

From stones to shells to paper to plastic, author Martin Jenkins takes kids on an econ-tour in The History of Money: From Bartering to Banking (Grades 3-6). The very short chapters will hold the interest of math kids and won’t overwhelm the rest!

Basketball: Math on the Court (Grades 4-6) by Tom Robinson is part of a series of books about sports calculations. Following the points, percentages, and statistics in these pages requires some sophisticated thinking, and basketball savvy kids won’t mind a bit.


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