Spring Research and Reports

Spring research assignments are on their way.  Do you know where to find the information your child needs?


Librarians, and library staff, are standing by to meet your research needs.  Mission, state and animal reports will be here before you know it!


Visit our branches, catalog and databases! http://www.santaclaritalibrary.com/

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Keep in mind, that while we have unlimited access to our databases, the number of books we have on a specific topic are limited.  The earlier you come to the library, the better your chances of walking away with a book the same day.

Santa Clarita Public Library has the pleasure of partnering with many different library systems.  Because of this, we can borrow books from libraries all over our region.  Using our online catalog, or the help of library staff, you can request items from these libraries to be sent to the branch most convenient to you, at no cost.  The earlier the request is made, the faster the item will be in your child’s hands.





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