Getting Ready to Start School

School is starting in just a few weeks. More than likely you are rushing to prepare your child for the upcoming school year.  You are probably shopping for clothes, gathering school supplies, and checking to make sure their backpack is in good condition.

At the library, we help prepare your child for school through storytime. Storytime helps children learn essential school readiness skills.  Regularly attending storytime strengthens your child’s ability to identify colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. It also builds their vocabulary as they encounter new concepts and words. Storytime familiarizes your child with how to handle books, turn pages, and that text is read from left to right. Talking about the book, during or after storytimes, increases your child’s comprehension and ability to tell stories. When your child sits quietly while listening to a book at storytime, she is modeling behavior that she will use through high school.  If your child is interested in books and has positive feelings about sharing books and reading, you probably brought him to a library storytime.  So relax. Pat yourself on the back, and remember. You have been preparing your child for school for years – every time your child attended storytime.

Storytimes at all three Santa Clarita Libraries resume the week of September 14, 2015.


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