Legos and Learning

Your child is excited to go to the library because they get to play with Legos! They want to play, create, imagine, build, and enjoy time with friends. What they may not realize is how much they are learning by playing with these brightly colored plastic manipulatives.

By just “playing” children are increasing early literacy advancement by extending their attention span, memory, vocabulary, and more. While fads have come and go, Legos have withstood the test of time. For several decades now children from around the world have been developing sorting and fine-motor skills by playing with these brightly colored bricks. Learning how to work with others as a team is also accomplished through interaction with other Lego enthusiasts.

The Old Town Newhall, Valencia, and Canyon Country libraries all have Lego days. Sometimes you may have the opportunity to build your inspiration based on a challenge. However, children are always welcome to choose from thousands of pieces and use their imaginations for an infinite number of creative creations!

Other ways for your child to learn include checking out books about Legos, buildings, architecture, or any other subject that they are interested in. The Santa Clarita Public Libraries have non-fiction Lego books, fiction chapter books, I Can Reads, Lego Ninjago series, and more. You may wish to come early to browse before you child enters the “Land of Legos”.

Sometimes children may also want to read instructions as they are building – another great way to learn! Please check the calendar of events for the time and dates of Legos at the library.

The following are just some of the books you can check-out:

The Legos Idea BookThe Lego MovieLego Ninjago



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