Bringing the Library Home: Part One!

Everyone is tired and busy. Parents are at work or do not have enough time to attend to all the errands. Children had a long day at school and are exhausted from extracurricular activities. It is raining outside. The car broke down. Whatever the reason, do not despair! Your Santa Clarita Public Library has the answer for you: Use the library from home.

If you have a Santa Clarita Public Library card, the answers are at your fingertips. The following are just a few examples of what everyone in the family can do to enjoy their library from home.

Need to read a book? The Gale Reference Library allows you to select from a variety of subjects either to help for school homework or for fun. Once you click on the item you may read it on your computer or another device. You may also place a hold (it is like free shopping) by using your library card number and pin and then selecting the item you want from the library catalog. Don’t forget about getting an eBook as well. Just make sure you have the overdrive app. Check out the selection from our catalog as well.

Want to relax after a long day? Try going to the catalog, select ELibrary and then magazines. The digital magazines are available instantly and many selections include the latest issues. If it is music you want, then make sure to go and select Music from the ELibrary. Perhaps reading a newspaper is what you desire. Choose from local, state, and international publications. From Articles and Databases select Research, Journals, Newspapers. There is more than one way to access the newspapers. First, try Newspaper Source Plus or the Signal.

For music, Freegal allows you to download 5 songs every week from the Sony music catalog. Perhaps you would rather watch a video but you do not want to come to the library. Have you tried Streaming Videos? Select Streaming Videos from the ELibrary and then select it again from the top bar. You may make your selections by subject. There are choices for adults as well as children. Popcorn and sodas are not included!

Stay tuned for part two next month where we’ll have more tips for bringing the library to you!



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