Finding a Book that is Just Right

GoldieHelping your child choose the right book can be difficult.   There are many things to consider, including: reading level, interest, and theme.  To start, identify books that are at the appropriate reading level.   Using the Five Finger Rule is an easy way to find out if the book you have is the right fit for your child.  Have your child read the first page or two of the book and raise one finger for every word he does not know.  If he raises four or five fingers, the book is most likely too hard.  If he raises only one finger, the book is probably too easy.  If he raises two or three fingers, you’ve found a book that will help him grow as a reader without being too hard.  Choosing the appropriate reading level is very important.  Children who attempt to read books that are too advanced may become frustrated and find reading a chore.  It is fine to occasionally allow your child to choose a book that you think is a little easy, especially if these books make your child feel more confident in his reading skills.  When your child is ready, he will move on to longer and more challenging books.Homesick

The right book for your child is one that he enjoys reading.   Choosing books that are interesting to your child is one of the best ways making reading fun.   Your child may have a preference for a popular fiction genre. Narrowing the choices down by genre – realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction or fantasy can help make it easier to choose one book from all the titles in the library.  Some realistic fiction books deal with challenges your child may be facing at school or at home.  These books are great for helping your child cope with the new experiences or changing situations.

Non-fiction titles are often overlooked.  Books about your child’s favorite sport or other interest can be great choices.

Fact books and trivia books are fun to read.  They usually contain engaging photographs and interesting information your child can share with family and friends.  funy

It’s okay to let your child choose one book to read just for fun.  After assigned reading is complete, a book chosen purely for enjoyment is a great reward.

Bring your child to the library often.  The library surrounds your child in an atmosphere where a variety of engaging books are always available.  Encourage your child to explore the many subjects and titles.    The right book may be just on the next shelf.


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