We Have Books for That: Kid Cookbooks

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Holiday’s are right around the corner and some of  your little helpers might be looking to expand their culinary expertise.  We have books for that!

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Whether its learning to cook The French Way, mastering cool cupcakes or trying some Dr. Seuss inspired creations, Santa Clarita Public Library has recipes and ideas for budding young chefs.

There are also books that address food restriction.  These include Dairy-Free Recipes, Nut-Free Recipes and Wheat-Free Recipes, among others.

Perhaps you want to introduce your child to your cultures cuisine, or experience cooking recipes from a different region than yours.  We have introductions to Cool Middle Eastern Cooking, Pacific Cooking, Central American Cooking and many more.

 Don’t fret about the mess!  Most of our children’s cook books feature the importance of asking for permission and cleaning up after yourself.

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If your child is interested in cooking but doesn’t necessarily want to mix the sauce or kneed the dough, we have biographies on famous chefs like Julia Child and several cooking inspired fiction series.  Some of our fictional series are Saturday Cooking Club and Giada De Laurentiis Recipe For Adventure.

As always, library staff are available to help you find what you are looking for!  Recipe books can be found in the 641.5 section of the library.



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