STEAM On: Bring Lit Fest Home!

Thousands came out last weekend to join in the STEAM-themed fun of the annual literacy festival at the Newhall Library. With five hubs spotlighting different STEAM components (the acronym stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), families had a chance to explore in a very hands-on way and many wondered how to take the experience home.

Well, we’ve got good news! Whether it’s learning the science behind rockets, mastering basic coding, or trying some experiments with everyday materials you can find in your kitchen, Santa Clarita Public Library has books full of ideas for budding young scientists and engineers to apply to the world around them.

There are also books that let you and your child sneak a peek into careers where they can put those skills to work. This glimpse into the future could help a young reader turn a love of animals into the pursuit of zoology, or a passion for all things Minecraft into a job in Silicon Valley. The possibilities are endless!


Perhaps you want to gently introduce your child to new concepts through educational videos that you can watch together. Series Sid the Science Kid, Leap Frog the Magic School Bus are perfect for just that.

JacketMath Moon Space Magic School Bus






Need help getting started? Click on one of the books or DVDs in this post to get to their catalog record. All of the featured items can be found at one or more of your local libraries. And of course, library staff are always available to help!


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