So You Need Book(s) for Your Report?

Sarcophagus, Coffin, Mummification;

what do these three words have in common?

All three of these words can be used to find information needed for your Ancient Egypt project on Sarcophagi!

If your topic is a specific, small, area of a larger subject, like Sarcophagi, it is helpful to walk over to the section for Ancient Egypt and search the index of the books.  The online catalog might not always be able to direct you towards every book that talks about a smaller subject area.

The index can be found at the back of a non-fiction text.  It is an alphabetical list of terms with references to where they can be found in the publication.

When searching for books on a particular topic you want to keep related terms in mind.  As a researcher, you don’t want to be too specific with your search terms as this limits the potential to find matching books.

By expanding my search beyond the word ‘sarcophagus’ I was able to find several more books at Canyon Country Library alone.  The addition of ‘mummification‘ and ‘coffin‘ were a great help.  Mummification was especially useful as Sarcophagi are used during the mummification process.  With this term I was able to find information on what the Sarcophagi are, and how they were used.

If it is multiple print sources that you need, remember to come to the library early for the best selection.  Beginning your search when the project is assigned will allow you a larger selection of print materials than if you wait till the weekend before the due date.  It may be that some materials will need to be ordered from different libraries.  Requesting books from other libraries is fairly quick, simple and free, but coming in a few days before the assignment is due will leave you very little time to look at the materials.

Your local librarians and reference team are here to help!  Stop by the library for more researching tips and tricks.



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