Free Art for All Ages

Operation Art Haring“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

Art is not only beautiful, but it serves a purpose. Take a look at the popularity of picture books as an example. Illustrations provide many purposes including helping children understand the story, allowing them to use their imaginations, pulling them into reading the book, providing opportunities for games such as “I Spy”, etc.

The Santa Clarita Public Libraries realize the importance of art and offer programs for adults and children that allow the creative juices to flow. Old Town Newhall and the Valencia Libraries offer Operation Art. This program was born out of an idea to engage children based on their enjoyment of Minecraft. The first program at Old Town Newhall is February 5 from 3:30-5pm and at Valencia on February 18th from 4pm-5:30pm.

Operation Art is will offer children ages K-12 opportunities to create pieces using recycled materials. In addition, they will learn about famous artists, use different techniques, and media, and create unique artwork. Projects will differ at each branch and all supplies will be available.
Also available to kids in K-6th grade is Art Lab. Children will have the chance to create artwork using everything from watercolors to paint and crayons. This event is free like the others and no sign up is required. Cards from the Heart allow kids of all ages to make cards homemade cards. Please check the events calendar on our website for all times and dates.

Another opportunity for artists or non-artists (such as me) is Unwind and Color for Adults. This is a weekly program held at Old Town Newhall and the Valencia branches. Coloring sheets and supplies are available, but feel free to bring your own. Coloring is a great stress reliever as well as another way to express your artistic abilities. The wonderful thing about coloring is that talent is not required!!

In addition to the above, other programs being offered such as ARTree for adults and DIY Designs for Teens are also incredible fun and free events that give everyone a chance to relax and have some fun.

Check out the variety of art books the libraries have to offer.

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