A Fun Read for 8 -12 year-olds: The Only Girl in School by Natalie Standiford

only_girl_final_art-330Can you imagine being the only girl in your entire school?  When Claire Warren’s best girlfriend, Bess, moves to San Francisco.  She is suddenly the only girl in the school on her small island home.   Claire’s other best friend, Henry, begins ignoring her and the other boys tease her.   Claire has a tough year.  She has to survive dodge ball in Phys Ed.   She must play all the female roles in the school production of A Christmas Carol.  Claire tries to figure out why Henry doesn’t want to be friends anymore, and why “Yucky” Gilbert does.  Over the year Claire competes in a regatta and searches for answers to the mystery of  Smuggler Joe.  Claire is a smart, self-assured girl who has confidence in her abilities and talents.   In a series of letters to Bess, Claire laments her fate and shares the story of how she survives, and even conquers, her year as The Only Girl in School.

This book has strong dialog, lots of action, funny illustrations and wonderful characters.  It is an amusing book about a young girl who is confident in herself.   Claire, “Yucky” Gilbert, and Henry are well created characters.  The Only Girl in School will leave you wondering  what adventures Claire will have in Middle School.

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