June is Audiobook Month!

CHM-audiobooksDid you know that many of your favorite children’s books can be listened to? Here at the Santa Clarita Public Library we have audiobooks which are available on CD as well as downloadable on Overdrive. Audiobooks are wonderful! You can listen to books while eating, cleaning your room, driving in the car or just taking it easy by the pool.  Listed below you will find seven reasons to check out and listen to audiobooks.
1. Audiobooks allow children to listen to books at a higher level than they can read. A first grader reading skills allows them to read very easy books, but with an audiobook they can enjoy a story above their level such as Roald Dahl’s BFG.
2. Audiobooks allow struggling readers to experience the enjoyment of reading. When a reader is spending all their energy on decoding the text and they miss out on the fun of reading a book. An audiobook provides them the chance to think of books in a positive way.
3. Audiobooks helps young readers develop skills for when they become more advanced readers. Reading involves skills like keeping track of characters and following a story arc and an audiobook provides an opportunity to improve those abilities.
 4. Audiobooks function as stepping stones toward independent reading. Have your child listen to the first couple of books in the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope-Osborne and they will soon want to read the paper version. Since they are now familiar with the setting, characters, and basic format of the book it will be an easy transition.
5. Audiobooks allow the building of fluency for your child. Check out a paper book along with the audiobook and your child will benefit by being able to follow the printed words while moving quickly through text.
6. Audiobooks help expand your child’s vocabulary. Easy readers and early chapter books have their place, but the vocabulary usually just isn’t as advanced or rich as books at a higher level. By listening to audiobooks, your child will be introduced to a wider vocabulary than books they can read on their own as well as being taught the correct pronunciation for future reading.
7. Audiobooks can bring the family together for some quality time together in the car. I have many pleasant memories of listening to the Harry Potter books on road trips with my sons.

Come to the library and try out an audiobook and find out yourself what a valuable tool it is to help your children develop their literacy skills. The simple act of listening to a story has a powerful impact on a child’s literacy skills and here at the library we provide a wide choice of books to help work on those skills and enjoy a good read at the same time. So, check out the audiobooks that we have on CDs or go online and search the audiobooks on Overdrive and download one on your smart phone or your tablet.  All of the books below are available on either CDs or as a download from Overdrive.

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