The War that Saved My Life

warSo it’s time to head out on that final road trip of the summer.   You can keep your children entertained and avoid hearing “Are we there yet?”  by checking out an audio book to listen to while you are on the road.  Not sure what to choose?  For third through sixth graders check out The War that Saved My Life written by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley and narrated by Jayne Entwistle.  The characters are multi-dimensional and they evolve throughout the course of the novel.  They are vulnerable, strong and most importantly hopeful for a future of happiness.  Jayne Entwistle’s narrative conveys story in an engaging manner.  She brings the characters to life as she artfully voices the playfulness of the impish Jamie, the vulnerability and hopefulness of Ada, and the surprisingly nurturing Susan.  This Audio-book is hard to walk away from and your children may ask you if they can keep listening.

In this captivating book waits the story of nine-year-old old Ada and her younger brother Jamie.  Ada has never left her home because she was born with a club foot.  According to her mother, Ada is cursed.  She cannot walk without excruciating pain.  When her brother tells her he is supposed to go the the countryside to live with a family to be safe from the anticipated bombings of London during the War,  Ada finds the courage and the strength to try to walk or crawl away from her situation and accompany Jamie to the countryside.  It is with this same courage that Ada faces the many new experiences in her life.  She and Jamie find themselves living with a kind-hearted spinster named Susan, who defines herself as “not nice.”  Ada grows from a neglected, disengaged child into a  young girl who can care for a horse and others.  Ada becomes an valuable part of  life in her new community as she slowly builds relationships and learns to value the people around her.  But everything is not perfect for Ada.  Ada is worried about the war, bombs and spies in England.  Sadly, Ada’s world is threatened by more that the war.  She fears of becoming to attached to her new home and losing everything.   Will her mother come to the country and collect Jamie and her?  Will she be forced to live trapped forever in her apartment, never to feel the sun on her skin; or wind on her face; or the kindness of people around her?  Find out how Ada survives in The War that Saved My Life.



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