Find the Right Books at Every Level with Lexile and Accelerated Reader

Looking for your next book?


We have so many resources to help you find the next great book!

NoveList K-8 Plus contains information on books for all K-8 grade levels and includes picture books, children’s “chapter” books and young adult titles. Updated weekly, NoveList K-8 is your starting place for learning about the books that you and your child need and will want to read.

It’s a challenge to find books that match both a reader’s reading level and their interests. By using NoveList K-8 Plus to combine a search of Lexile or Accelerated Reader (AR) levels, with our appeal and genre terms, you are sure to find those perfect reads.

Want to find a book similar to your favorite? Use NoveList K-8 Plus to find read-alikes. It’s simple. Search for a book then look at the list of recommendations created by our team of professionals at NoveList. Or search for more like your favorite, using the subjects and appeal terms that you like the best.


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