How to Renew a Book

Renewing Books is easier than you think!

There is more than one way to renew a book, and anyway you choose is just perfectly fine with us. Why is renewing a book important? Well, first of all, nobody wants to have fines. If a child  has a book past the due date, then that person is charged .15 cents every day it is late. An adult is charged .30 cents a day. Also, there may be a hold on the book, which means someone is waiting for the book that you have. The following are the three ways that you have to renew your book, magazine, cd, dvd, kit,  or audio book.

1. Renew it online. Just go to your computer and log on to the web page and select “My Account”. Type in all of your library card numbers and then put your pin number in. Select “My Account” again located in the blue bar and then click on “Items Out”. You then have a choice of renewing the items that you select, or you can choose to renew all of the items. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the item renewed. If it did not, please return in on time. The reason an item did not renew was because there was either a hold on the item, or you ran out of renewals. One more reason a renewal will not happen is if you have fines that are $10 or more.  Fines must be under $10 in order for you to be able to use your library card.

2. Renew it when you come to the library. You may bring the book and renew it by doing the same thing you do when you check out a book.  Just simply use the self check-out machine.  Or, you may just bring your library card (no books are necessary) and a staff member will renew it for you. Of course, there is a chance it may be on hold for someone else in which case we would not be able to renew it.

3. Call us! It does not matter which of your local libraries you call (Canyon Country, Newhall, or Valencia). Just give the library your library card number and tell the library employee which items you want renewed and we can do it over the phone. You will also be told when the item is due, and which item may have not renewed.


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