Check Out Our Displays!!!

There are all kinds of book displays located in every section of the library. One type of display is for “New Books”. What does this really mean? These are books that have been ordered and purchased and have just arrived at the library. These books have never been checked out and you are the lucky person to read them before anyone else. Many of them contain brand new stories – but not all of them. There are a few that are

Cookbook Display

favorites and the library needs to order more to replace lost or worn copies.  Some of the new books have been  requested by customers!


Perhaps you have even requested a book that you thought the library should purchase.  If you have not done it before it is really easy.  Just go to our website at and at the top blue bar select Borrowing Info, scroll down and choose Suggest a Purchase.  Fill out the information and you are done.  Someone will look at that and decide if the library needs the book. If there is a need then the book will be purchased for the library collection!

Other types of displays include ones that have themes such as a holiday display, popular books , staff picks, trending, special events, and so much more.  During special events such as a painting program, we may select some fun drawing or craft books for you to check out.  During storytimes often books are selected for a particular age group. Sometimes themes are put together such as wordless books, princess books, vehicle books, funny books, and so on.

You just might even see a themed display for no particular reason.  For example, you might see only red covered books, or only blue covered books on display. Maybe all of a sudden superhero books appear, or a fun yummy cooking display. Displays are fun to put together, and we encourage you to borrow as many books as you want from any of our displays.  The best part of putting one together is watching someone get excited about a book and checking it out!



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