Experiencing the Eclipse at Home, at School, or at Work.

Solar Eclipse 1999
Credit: Luc Viatour

I’m so excited about the partial solar eclipse that will be visible from our area on August 21, 2017. If you aren’t able to attend our Friday Fun Day Learn about the Sun Day or Eclipse Viewing Party to pick up a pair of eclipse glasses. Please remember, it is never okay look at a partial eclipse without a solar filter to protect your vision. You will damage your eyes if you look at an eclipse without proper eye protection.  Sunglasses are not enough.  If you don’t have eye protection and still want to experience the eclipse, here are some useful links to help you experience the eclipse wherever you are.

Visit Nasa’s Eclipse Live Page:

How to make a pinhole projector from a cereal box:

How to make a pinhole projector from shipping boxes:

How to make a pinhole projector from a shoe box:

How to make a pinhole projector from card stock:

Viewing the eclipse is a special event.  I want to provide special thanks to NASA@MyLibrary and Star_Net for their support of the Santa Clarita Public Library.



Miss Angela

Youth Services Librarian

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