Dewey Decimal Series 100-199

As a refresher for the Dewey Decimal System, just remember that books are shelved by subject. As an example, the 100’s is where you will find books on philosophy and psychology. By having books that are the same subject arranged by a certain number, you avoid walking all over the library looking for books that are written by a whole bunch of different authors.

Have you ever explored the 100’s? Try going on an adventure and find something that you want to learn about or something new you never heard about. I tried this out and had a lot of fun!

The first book that I picked was “The Dream Book” by Patricia Garfield which is a book for young people to understand their dreams. Now, I usually do not remember mine, but I thought maybe I could learn something about the ones I do remember! One dream I have had more than once is a dream about me falling. According to the book, 63 percent of kids also have that same dream! It suggests that in your dream you try to start flying when you are falling. You just have to read the book to see what this type of dream means.

Another book I picked up was “ESP” by Judith Herbst. I just picked out some interesting paragraphs in this book, but did not read everything. ESP stands for extrasensory perception – just in case you did not know! One person thought a horse had ESP because he used something similar to a keyboard to answer questions. A magician actually figured out how the horse’s trainer got the horse to answer questions.

I also looked at a few books about animal rights and the different ways kids can help animals. I love animals and have 2 cats and a dog. Just reading about how people can do things to make animals happier and have a good life makes me want to do something! Other books I looked at included the Salem Witch Trials and the habits of happy children.

So, just try and experiment with an area of the library that maybe you have never visited. I had fun on my exploration and I think you will have fun too.


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