Outstanding Books

Reading books is fun.  For a short while, I find myself immersed in the world created by the author.  A world of characters who think, look, and come from different backgrounds.  Most of the time the books just fade away after I read them, I have to work to remember the characters and events from a particular book.   Then there are the times where I read a book and it stays with me.  Years later, these characters and stories remain unforgettable. In honor of Black History Month,  here are a few books by African American authors that are outstanding.  The audio book versions of these titles are especially notable.  I hope you enjoy.

Delphine and her sisters spend the summer of 1968 in Oakland with their mom, Cecile, who abandoned them.  Cecile sends the girls to spend their days at the local community center which is run by the Black Panther Party.  Elevent year-old Delphine takes care of her sisters as the girls grow more independent and slowly learn about the woman who is their mother.






 Ghost is a runner.  He runs away from his problems and he runs away from his past.  All that running has made Ghost fast.  He starts running with the track team.  Can he keep up with the changes that are coming.  Can he run toward a new story?






Twins, Josh and Jordan are growing up and growing apart.  Basketball is a family sport, their Dad was a professional basketball player.  The boys have mad skills on the court.  But there is more to life than just basketball.  Josh shares his story in verse as he, and his brother, Jordan, become individuals and experience life on and off the court.


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