Getting “lost” in a good book!

Where's WaldoPuzzle books are a great way to spend an afternoon getting lost in a book! Puzzle books come in a variety of styles from finding a character mixed in a crowd to  noticing the small differences between two pictures. Puzzles can help develop patience, spacial thinking and logic.Can You See What I See?

Here are some of my favorite picture puzzle books all carried by the Santa Clarita Library!

Can You See What I See? by Walter Wick is a great series of puzzle books for those who love the I SPY series. This book series is great for younger readers, the puzzles are challenging without being too overwhelming and feature lots of great toys! Readers are challenged with finding objects hidden in cluttered but gorgeous sets. Similar to I SPY there are many books in the series with different themes like Dreams, pirates, and Halloween.

Follow the Line through the House image




Follow the Line through the House  by Laura Ljungkvist. This puzzle books is great for little ones to do with a parents help! The book has the line follower explore a house following a line as it runs through various rooms in the house. Parents can read the text and ask questions while kids can follow the line with their finger building hand-eye coordination, counting and matching.


Pierre the Maze Detective Cover Pierre the Maze Detective, The Search for the Stolen Maze Stone by Hiro Kamigaki. This gorgeous book can keep puzzle lovers occupied for hours! This book is large, with intricate images similar in style to Where’s Waldo? But in addition to picture finding it also adds complex mazes where you are tasked with navigating traffic jams, canals, or even piles of junk to find the answer to riddles.


Looking for more books like these? Look for the J 793.7 in nonfiction or ask the Children’s librarian to show you.


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