STEM Magic at the Santa Clarita Public Libraries



S is for Science  – a universe to explore.
T is for Technology – where we seem to always want more.
E is for Engineer – where you can design and build to your dreams desire.
M is for Math – with practice you will be the one everyone will admire.

What is the big deal about STEM you may ask?
Why it is truly an important task.
We need people in this country you see,
To learn and teach technology.

There are too many jobs in the STEM field you know,
But not enough candidates in this country -and that just can’t be so!
We want you to be excited and see how much fun,
The sciences are and we think you’ll love it a ton.

Come to the Santa Clarita Public Libraries for experiments, adventures and more,
Do not be afraid to enter our doors to explore.
The summer reading program is more than a time to read,
The library is a place where you can have fun and succeed!

Build a Mars Rover and see if it will pass the test,
Make tool-tally cool STEM jewelry to look your best.
Magnetic slime will move and be messy but, oh what joy,
Construct something out of LEGOS, what a fantastic toy!

Ice-cream, suncatchers, kinetic sand, want more?
Stomp rockets, light up wands, what are you waiting for?
June 10 is when the summer programs start,
Come to the library, oh, and guess what…there is also art!

STEM magic is what you will find,
It can be messy and crazy fun, we don’t think you will mind!







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