Science and Crafts for Saint Patrick’s Day or Any Day!

Using household materials, you can make Salt Crystal Paintings, Oobleck Slime, and Bubbling Fizzy Pots. If you don’t have all the supplies at home some alternative material ideas have been listed. Create, experiment, and have fun!

Salt Crystal Paintings

Watch your paint spread like magic through salt crystals!


You will need:

  • Paper (watercolor paper, construction paper, cardstock, or cardboard will all work)
  • Liquid glue (a glue stick will create thicker lines, and the paint won’t spread as well, but it can work too)
  • Salt (table salt, sea salt, Epsom salt, all work but fine grain salt/table salt works best)
  • Watercolor paint or food dye (watered down acrylic or tempera paint will also work)
  • Paintbrush or eye dropper
  • Container or towel (work on this surface to catch all the salt that doesn’t stick to your paper)


  1. Draw a picture with glue, you can do a rainbow, a shamrock, or anything you like! thin lines of glue work best
  2. Pour a thin layer of salt over your glue drawing, move the paper from side to side to make sure all the glue is coated in salt, do this over a container or a towel to catch the salt that doesn’t stick
  3. Let it dry for at least 5 minutes
  4. If using an eyedropper: squeeze some colored water/paint over the salt and watch the color spread OR if using a brush: dip your brush in some paint and water, gently tap the brush to the salt watch the color absorb, add some extra water and watch the color spread along the salt lines
  5. Leave it flat to dry, handle with care as some of the dry salt may crumble off the page


Oobleck Slime

This slime is unique, it becomes a liquid if you hold it gently, but if you apply pressure it will become firm like a solid!

You will need:

  • Cornstarch or arrowroot/tapioca powder/baby powder if cornstarch is the main ingredient
  • Water
  • A bowl for the starch
  • A cup for the water
  • Food coloring and glitter are optional


  1. 2:1 ratio, use approximately 2 parts starch to 1 part water (for example if you are using 1 cup starch you will need about ½ cup water)
  2. Pour the water in a cup, if you are using food dye mix it in
  3. If you are using glitter add it to the starch
  4. Now pour a little water into the starch mixing as you go, you may not need all the water so just pour a little at a time

  • The mixture will start to clump and sections will harden, gently mix the starch in as you go until it’s all incorporated
  • Remember that Oobleck will be firm if you touch it with force and soften if you touch it gently, so if you get stuck stirring try to stir slower

  1. When it is all incorporated tap the surface- if it stays firm to your touch try slowly sinking your finger in
  • If it is too runny add a little more starch if it is too solid add a splash of water
  1. Now it is time to play with the Oobleck! Grab a handful and ball it up in your hand–It should form a solid ball, now lay your hand flat–the Oobleck will drip out of your hands!



Bubbling Fizzy Pots

Create a chemical reaction with bubbling cauldrons!

You will need:

  • A small glass (you can use any small container/cup to hold your mixture)
  • A large shallow dish or container to put your cup in (this is to catch all the bubbling foam and make clean up easier)
  • A drop of liquid soap (optional, but it does make the mix foam up more)
  • Vinegar (you can use lemon or lime juice too)
  • Baking soda (baking powder will also work, but it won’t bubble as much)
  • Food coloring and glitter are optional (I used turmeric powder, a spice from my kitchen, for the yellow one!)


  1. Fill about half of your small glass with vinegar
  2. Optional, add the food dye to the vinegar and stir it in
  3. Optional, add a drop of liquid soap to your vinegar and stir it in
  4. Put your small glass in a large container to catch the foaming bubbles that will spill over during the experiment
  5. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the vinegar and watch the magic happen!-play around and add more baking soda and vinegar


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