Shaving Cream Rain Clouds & Marble Art

Shaving Cream Rain Cloud


a clear glass/cup/bowl/jar

shaving cream (you can use whipped cream, but it may make the water murky)

liquid food color or liquid watercolors (if you only have gel food coloring mix it with water before using it in the experiment)


optional, pipette or spoon

optional, wooden skewer or butter knife



  1. Fill the glass with water, almost to the top

  1. Spray the shaving cream to cover most of the surface (I used much more than needed in the photos)

-examine how the shaving cream cloud looks from above and below the waterline

-the water represents the sky in this experiment


  1. Squeeze a few drops of food color on top of the shaving cream, if you mixed your colorant with water you can use a pipette or a spoon to pour the color on


-the food color represents the rain and the weight of it will weigh down the shaving cream cloud and eventually pour out into the “sky” like rain


*if you dilute your colors with water they will be heavier and rain down quicker than just pouring the dye on its own

*for this sample, I did not add water to the dye so I used a wooden skewer to poke holes into the shaving cream to help the color along

  1. Experiment with your rain cloud and see what happens!



Marble Shaving Cream Art

Since I did not dilute the food color with water in the first experiment I still had a lot of concentrated color at the top of my shaving cream cloud. Instead of throwing it all away I decided to make some art! By swirling the dye together with a skewer, I made a marble pattern that I captured on a piece of sturdy paper. If you are starting from scratch I’ve included the instructions below.




shaving cream

food color/liquid watercolors/any paint

butter knife or rubber spatula

skewer/toothpick/butter knife

sturdy paper/cardstock/watercolor paper (white and light colors will work best to show the dye)



  1. Spray a thin layer of shaving cream in a dish and spread it evenly with a butter knife or a rubber spatula


  1. Add drops of food color across the surface (a little goes a long way)


  1. Using a skewer or butter knife gently swirl the surface of the shaving cream by dragging your utensil through the dye


  1. When you are happy with your design place the paper on top and push down gently



  1. Lift your paper and use a butter knife to scrape off the excess shaving cream


  1. Behold your marble creation! Repeat the steps to make more incredible art!


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