American Sign Language Storytime at Canyon Country Library!

We are pleased to announce the continuation of ASL Storytime at Santa Clarita’s Canyon Country Library! Once a month the library will host a special storytime entirely in sign language. There will be stories, rhythm and movement activities, signing songs, visual felt stories, and dance games to delight and engage…

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Sign Up for the In-n-Out Cover to Cover Club Today!

Did you know that if your child aged 4 – 12 reads five books before November 16th, 2019 that they can get a certificate for a free hamburger or cheeseburger from In-n-Out? All three branches of the Santa Clarita Public Library (Old Town Newhall Library, Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy…

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Yawáyro: Indigenous Awareness and Literacy Development Kits coming in November

  The Santa Clarita Public Library has partnered with the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians (FTBMI) on a very exciting new project! We received funding from the American Indian Library Association through their Talk Story Grant to purchase books that will provide awareness and representation of Indigenous cultures and…

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Fall programs are here!

Fall is here and there are lots of fun programs at the library! All programs are FREE and open to everyone! Here is a quick look at some of our ongoing children’s programming for each branch. Canyon Country Storytimes: Monday – Thursday at 9:30 and 11am Toddler Programs: First 4…

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¡Pague Multas de la Biblioteca con Donaciones de Alimentos!/Pay Off Library Fines with a Food Donations!

La Biblioteca Pública de la Ciudad de Santa Clarita iniciará el programa anual de Alimentos por Multas. Durante el mes de Septiembre los usuarios de la biblioteca pueden cambiar alimentos por sanciones o multas. Este programa permite que los clientes traigan donaciones de alimentos y artículos de primera necesidad a cambio del perdón de multas de hasta un monto de $20.00 en su cuenta.  Con sus donaciones  puede cubrir multas por devoluciones tardías de materiales y reemplazo de tarjetas de la biblioteca.

Usted puede donar alimentos enlatados como frijoles, frutas, atún, pollo, carne, sopa, mermelada, crema de cacahuete, arroz, cereal, fideos, salsa, etc. También verduras enlatadas como elote, chicharos, tomates, etc.

Las donaciones de artículos de primera necesidad pueden ser (tamaño regular o de viajero) como jabón de mano, acondicionador,  pañales, champú, papel higiénico, pasta dental, cepillo dental, desodorante, y otros. ¡Apresúrese, traiga sus donaciones para obtener perdón de multas de la biblioteca!

Pay Off Library Fines with a Food Donations 

The Library of the City of Santa Clarita will start the annual program of Food for Fines. During the month of September, the library users can exchange food for penalties or fines. Our customers can bring donations of food and essential hygiene items in exchange for forgiveness of fines  up to $ 20.00 in their account. With your donations, you can cover overdue fines and replacement library cards fees.

You can donate canned foods such as beans, fruits, tuna, chicken, meat, soup, jam, peanut butter, rice, cereal, noodles, sauce, etc. Also canned vegetables such as corn, peas, tomatoes, etc.

Donations of essential hygiene items can be (regular or traveler size) such as hand soap, conditioner, diapers, shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, and others. Hurry up, bring your donations to get forgiveness of library fines!


STEM Magic at the Santa Clarita Public Libraries

    S is for Science  – a universe to explore. T is for Technology – where we seem to always want more. E is for Engineer – where you can design and build to your dreams desire. M is for Math – with practice you will be the one…

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Get Ready for Summer Reading!

April 27th marked the end of our Spring Storytime Season! Over the next month, librarians across Santa Clarita will be working hard to prepare for a stellar Summer Reading Program for our patrons. Everyone—and we do mean everyone, babies through adults!—will be able to sign up to track their reading…

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