Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader testing is not available at the library, but the library provides a rich treasure of books for your child’s reading enjoyment and reading assignments!

There is an Accelerated Reader quiz for most children’s books in the library. The easiest way to find A.R. books at a Santa Clarita Public Library is to

  • FIRST have your child choose a handful of books from the library shelves. An important
    part of reading success is choosing books that are enjoyable and interesting.
  • SECOND go to a computer or use your mobile device to check the Reading Levels of your books at the Accelerated Reader website: . Simply type in the title of the book in ‘Quick Search’ and find out the Book Level and AR Points to find out which books your child has chosen will work for his or her reading level.

Our catalog can also be searched by AR level. Simply type AR and then the desired reading level for a list of titles. For example, if searching for a book with a 3.4 book level just type AR 3.4 into our catalog search function.

Parent Tips:

  • If your child does not enjoy reading or is not a strong reader, look for books on a subject of interest (for example, a favorite sport, hero, or animal).
  • If your child finds a book that he or she wants to read although it will not count for A.R. points, allow him or her to read that one in addition to the A.R. book. One good experience with one good book has often turned a struggling reader into an avid reader.
  • View the library website from home to check the catalog for books and to see upcoming programs that encourage learning and reading fun for the whole family!


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