Parent Tips for School Preparation

Preschoolers-DSC06853Preparing your child for kindergarten

Sending your child off to kindergarten is a huge step, both for her and for yourself. She will learn many new skills in her first year of school. You can help make her transition into kindergarten an easier one by making sure she can accomplish this checklist:

  • Follows rules and routines
  • Is able to transition from one activity to another
  • Participates in group activities
  • Is able to interact with one or more children
  • Is able to share and take turns
  • Is able to clean up after play
  • Is able to interact with teachers and other familiar adults
  • Is able to use words to resolve conflicts
  • Seeks out adult assistance to resolve conflicts
  • Listens careful to instructions
  • Is able to follow single step direction
  • Is able to follow two step direction
  • Is able to be understood when speaking
  • Is able to relay want has happened (sequence of events)
  • Is able to sit and listen to a story
  • Is able to retell a story
  • Is able to sequence two and three pictures to tell a story
  • Is able to use pictures to communicate
  • Writes using scribbles and symbols
  • Is able to print name without a model
  • Is able to sing and recite the alphabet
  • Is able to match upper case letters
  • Is able to match lower case letters
  • Is able to identify both upper and lower case letters
  • Is able to sorts colors and shapes
  • Is able to count to 20
  • Is able to match numbers
  • Is able to properly grasp scissors
  • Is able to identify 10 colors
  • Uses objects to make believe


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