3 Simple Ways To Get Art into Kids’ Lives @ SCPL

F Marc jacketArt can be a powerful force of good in your child’s life. Regular exposure and positive hands-on experiences can not only lead to success at school, but also a stronger sense of confidence and empowerment through self expression.

As your local library, we’re proud to offer lots of different opportunities for children and their parents to get in touch with their artistic sides. Here are just a few tips for getting started:

  1. Enjoy the Arts Together! Library programs are a great way to share a meaningful arts experience. From singing silly songs at Storytime to getting your groove on at a Dance Party, a parent’s active participation can encourage little ones to join in on the fun. Want to recreate the library experience at home? Check out a book of songs or a CD from the children’s collection (ask your librarian where to find them) and party on!
  2. Tap into the Power of Picture Books! Stories can be an effective way to kickstart an interest in art. The secret? Pairing compelling illustrations with important takeaways about self-expression. Ask your librarian for suggestions around books like The Artist Who Painted a Blue Hose by Eric Carle, which celebrates seeing things in your own unique way, or others like Lily Brown’s Paintings by Angela Johnson and E.B. Lewis that inspire readers to bring their own imaginations to life.
  3. Let them Loose! Art can be an adventure, especially if you focus on the process over the product. Process art, as the growing contemporary artistic movement is called, fosters creativity and encourages sensory exploration. One way to do this at the library is to use craft time as a chance to think outside the box and set aside the sample. Trying to plug a school-age child or teen into art? Check out programs like Art Lab (fourth Thursdays at Newhall), Operation Art: Minecraft Edition (first Fridays at Newhall) or DIY Designs (second Tuesdays at Canyon and second Wednesdays at Newhall) which offer open-ended projects rooted in kids’ interests.

We can’t wait to help you and your child plug into art! And if you’re looking for even more simple ways to get started, check out this list from Americans for the Arts.


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