Where to Place a Book That You Do Not Want

You are excited about coming to the library because there are so many wonderful books to choose from. There are thousands and thousands of choices!! Of course you do not want to take every book home – or maybe you do! Sometimes you may want to read parts of the book in the library. Perhaps the book may not seem interesting so you want to leave it. Maybe you are doing homework and need the book just for the time you are in the library. You might even grab a whole bunch of books to scan and just choose one or two to take home.

The big question is, “What should you do with those books you do not want?” If you leave them on the floor someone may trip. If you leave it on a table, then the next person who wants to read it will not find it because it is not on the shelf. The best choice would be to put the books you do not want on a cart. Carts can be found in both adult and children’s areas. Please ask library staff if you do not know where the cart is. They are usually stationed in the same special area that each library has chosen.

Please do not feel you need to put the book back on the shelf. The Dewey Decimal system can be confusing even for adults! Also, some of our books have stickers that designate them to go into special sections. If the book is not in the correct spot, it might not be found for a very long time. Do not worry if you collected 20 books for homework and just chose two to take home. It is totally fine with us. Just place the books you do not want on the cart so that everyone else will be able to read them as well. Someone on staff will take the cart of books and make sure they go back to their special spot.

Thank you for using the library.  We are happy to see that books are special to you too!!!


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