Creating a Home Library

Build your Library
According to Colorin Colorado!,

During this winter break you and your child can have fun building your own library using a cardboard box or a small crate. You can also decorate it.
Find a good place for your library, it could be a cozy corner, a place where the family gathers together or in your child’s own bedroom. Having a personal space for their books gives children a sense of ownership and investment in reading!

This is a a great way to keep library books together to avoid books disappearing or just reduce clutter.

Let kids practice letters, colors, and ordering by having them help you sort books by color of the book, subject or even by call number.

Where to find Books

The library is your best friend for finding books to temporarily stock your library. Library books can be checked out for 3 weeks and renewed up to 3 times!

All three Santa Clarita Public Libraries have bookstores where you can find great deals on almost new children’s books.

Local bookstores, flea markets, swap meets and garage sales are also a good place to stock your personal library. Do as the Icelanders do an gift books for Christmas presents!

Go to your local library.
Here at the Santa Clarita Library you can find a variety of books such; on every subject for any reading level. Ask the librarian if you need help finding something!


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