Make Rainbow Scratch Paper

scratch rainbow tree

This is one of the coolest simple crafts! Scratch the surface of your homemade paper and you will see a colorful masterpiece emerge.



sturdy paper, white watercolor paper or cardstock work well

crayons or oil pastels

*black paint, acrylic, poster, or tempera

dish soap

paintbrush or foam brush

shallow container for the paint

toothpick, wooden skewer, or similar tool


*if you don’t have black paint you can use a different color, but the contrast is best with darker colors

art supplies



  1. Use crayons to color in a sheet of paper, make sure to press hard and fill in all the white space, use lots of colors and try any pattern you like

crayon colored paper

*to speed up the coloring process use a half or quarter sheet of paper


  1. Mix black paint with a few drops of dish soap in a container, the ratio should be approximately 2 parts paint to 1 part soap

black paint and dish soap


  1. Cover your work surface for easy clean-up and paint an even layer of paint over the crayon

black paint over crayon paper


  1. If you need a second layer, wait until the first layer dries completely

black painted paper

*I only used one layer of paint, I was fine with few streaks of crayon showing


  1. Once your paper is dry use a toothpick or similar tool to scratch out your drawing

colorful pattern on black paper


rainbow scratch paper drawing


6. Have fun and try different patterns and designs!

rainbow lion


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