Dewey Decimal Series: 400-499

The world of 400’s is a very special section because this is known as the language area. This is where you go if you want to learn another language or get some help with English. You can find French, Spanish, Sign Language and more. Did you know you can also go to the Pronunciator database that the library has and choose from up to 80 languages to learn from?! Did you also know that we have dictionaries and thesauruses that you can check out?  The following are just some examples of some fun and quick reads.

A to Z Sign with Me: Sign Language for the Alphabet by Prochovnic is a short book that shows you how to sign all of the letters of the alphabet. I like this book because it is simple, and includes not only illustrations but also explanations of the position of your fingers and hands. What is really neat about learning sign language is that once you learn, you will be able to communicate with people who cannot hear. My son learned sign language and taught his brother – and I had no idea what they were talking about!

I also found a book called Secrets in Stone: All About Maya Hieroglyphs by Coulter. This is a form of writing using pictures instead of letters. For fun you can learn some of the symbols and use it as a secret code with a friend. Not too many people are experts! One of the stories in this book talks about how an archaeologist found a trap door, secret staircase, and jade jewelry.

My final discovery is the book The Shocking Stories Behind Lightning in a Bottle and Other Idioms. I thought it was neat to learn where some of the phrases we hear came from. For example,  having the Midas touch means someone can make money with any job they seem to do. This phrase came from Greek Mythology where a King named Midas would have every single thing he touched turn to gold!


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