Books for Babies at SCPL!

Do you know a baby who is less than a year old? You’re in luck! All three branches of the Santa Clarita Public Library are currently participating in the Books for Babies program.

What is Books for Babies?

Books for Babies is a free program to help new parents/caregivers understand the importance of reading to their babies. It is never too early to begin reading and sharing books with your baby.

How do I get the free kit and what’s in it?

All you have to do is come into one of the three SCPL library branches and talk to the children’s reference desk staff. Kits are currently available in both English and Spanish.

The free kit contains:

  • A picture book to read to your baby
  • Information on why it’s important to read to your baby
  • Future Reader onesie
  • SCPL’s summer storytime and programming schedule

Do I need anything to participate in Books for Babies?

No! Although while you’re in the library, if you are the parent/caregiver of the baby, we would recommend signing the baby up for a library card. It’s never too soon to get your child started on literacy and reading, and getting them their first library card will help children become lifelong readers and learners.

I am a grandparent/friend/family member of a new baby. Can I give a kit to a new parent?

Yes, as long as the baby is under one year old and they live in the city of Santa Clarita.

What are the benefits of reading to a baby?

According to KidsHealth, reading aloud:

  • introduces concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way
  • builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills
  • gives babies information about the world around them
  • teaches babies about communication also has a great article about the benefits of reading to babies, and how reading helps with introducing important concepts such as emotions and the sound of the caregiver’s voice.

See more benefits in the Books for Babies kit! Pick up yours today at the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library, Old Town Newhall Library, or Valencia Library branches of the Santa Clarita Public Library.


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