Easy letters and spelling activity

A fun new way to practice letters, spelling and reading.

Take out your old dusty scrabble, upwords or similar board game and first word flashcards (or make your own).

Place all the letter tiles face up

Give your child one sight word, or simple word at a time, preferably with a photo to prompt them to say word.

Have them select one letter at a time and place it next to the card to complete the word. Challenge them to read the letters back in order and state the word at the end

F-L-Y, fly!

Another great way to practice is using TumbleBooks. TumbleBooks are free children’s books online, they often have interactive elements like read-a-long function, narration or even animated images! Many popular children’s picture books, graphic novels and beginning readers are available.

All you need to access TumbleBooks or any other library eResource is a library card. If you don’t have a card, feel free to request one by emailing libraryinfo@santa-clarita.com.

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