Save The Frogs!

April 28th Is Save The Frogs Day!
Frog populations have been declining worldwide at unprecedented rates, and nearly one-third of the world’s amphibian species are threatened with extinction. Up to 200 species have completely disappeared since 1980, which is not normal. Amphibians naturally go extinct at a rate of only about one species every 500 years. Amphibian populations are faced with an array of environmental problems, including pollution, infectious diseases, habitat loss, invasive species, climate change, and over-harvesting for the pet and food trades. Unless quick action is taken, amphibian species will continue to disappear, resulting in irreversible consequences to the planet’s ecosystems and to humans. Frogs eat mosquitoes, provide us with medical advances, serve as food for birds, fish and monkeys, and their tadpoles filter our drinking water. Plus frogs look and sound cool, and kids love them-so there are lots of reasons to save the frogs! Frog lovers can enjoy and learn more with these titles
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Frogs and Toads
Frogs and Toads
By Grenard, Steve
2007-10 – Howell Books
9780470165102 Check Our CatalogThe authoritative information and advice you need, illustrated throughout with full-color photographs–now revised and redesigned to be even more reader-friendly!

Frogs and toads are perennial favorite pets. They include easy-to-care for breeds and intriguing, exotic varieties. For both first-time pet owners and life-long hobbyists, frogs and toads can make fascinating pets, but it is …More

Frogs: Inside Their Remarkable World
Frogs: Inside Their Remarkable World
By Beltz, Ellin
2005-09 – Firefly Books
9781552978696 Check Our Catalog“Frogs and toads provide one of the great animal success stories on Earth.”

In this comprehensive book, renowned herpetologist Ellin Beltz offers a compelling picture of the history of the frog, its anatomical makeup, its place in the natural world and the threats that are seriously reducing its numbers around the world.

Today, frogs are found on most islands around the world and on …More

Amphibians: The World of Frogs, Toads, Salamanders and Newts
Amphibians: The World of Frogs, Toads, Salamanders and Newts
By Hofrichter, Robert
2000-09 – Firefly Books
9781552095416 Check Our CatalogOne of the most comprehensive books available on amphibians and, with contributions from scientists around the world, an excellent resource for professional and amateur scientists. Over 350 stunning photos depict the extreme beauty of amphibians. …More

The Book of Frogs: A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred Species from Around the World
The Book of Frogs: A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred Species from Around the World
By Halliday, Tim
2016-01 – University of Chicago Press
9780226184654 Check Our CatalogWith over 7,000 known species, frogs display a stunning array of forms and behaviors. A single gram of the toxin produced by the skin of the Golden Poison Frog can kill 100,000 people. Male Darwin’s Frogs carry their tadpoles in their vocal sacs for sixty days before coughing them out into the world. The Wood Frogs of North America freeze every winter, reanimating in the spring from the glucose …More

The Frogs and Toads of North America: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Identification, Behavior, and Calls [With CD (Audio)]
The Frogs and Toads of North America: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Identification, Behavior, and Calls [With CD (Audio)]
By Elliott, Lang
2009-03 – Houghton Mifflin
9780618663996 Check Our CatalogCovering all 101 species of frogs in the United States and Canada, this book contains natural history information, identification tips, range and habitat information, summaries of behavior, and descriptions of calls. A 70-minute audio compact disc includes the calls of nearly every species. …More

By Marent, Thomas
With Jackson, Tom
2008-09 – DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
9780756641320 Check Our Catalog“Frog” is a celebration of the fascinating range of the planet’s frogs and toads. Designed to build awareness of the environmental change causing many species of amphibians to disappear, this book is both a call to action and a visual tour de force. …More

Weird Frogs
Weird Frogs
By Earley, Chris
2014-09 – Firefly Books
9781770854420 Check Our CatalogA sneak peek into the remarkable world of the tail-less amphibians.

Some frogs blend into the green of their ponds, and live an unremarkable existence. But some are strange looking, having adapted to a special environment.

This colorful and informative book reveals a rare and close-up look at the odd beauty of some of the strangest of these creatures largely hidden from our …More

Frogs and Toads
Frogs and Toads
By Herrington, Lisa M.
2015-09 – C. Press/F. Watts Trade
9780531215326 Check Our CatalogTheyre both amphibians. They both have sticky tongues and hop to get around. So how do you tell the difference between frogs and toads? One way is to take a close look at their skin. These identification clues and many more can all be found in Whats the Difference? Frogs and Toads. …More

By Bishop, Nic
2015-01 – Scholastic Inc.
9780545605700 Check Our CatalogJoin photographer and biologist Nic Bishop as he takes a closer look at frogs.

Now even the youngest readers can join Sibert Medal-winning photographer and biologist Nic Bishop as he takes a closer look at the world’s most amazing animals. In this book, adapted from his award-winning hardcover, Nic introduces fun facts about frogs and their bodies, habits, and life cycle. The simple, …More

Tadpole Tadpole
Tadpole Tadpole
By Ho, Cammie
2016-04 – Phonic Monic Books
9781943241019 Check Our CatalogExplore the wonders of tadpoles as they hatch from eggs and discover their fascinating transformation into grown frogs through stunning pictures.…More

Froggy's Lemonade Stand
Froggy’s Lemonade Stand 
By London, Jonathan
Illustrator Remkiewicz, Frank
2018-05 – Viking Books for Young Readers
9781101999677 Check Our CatalogFroggy has a lemonade stand, but he’s done it his way

Froggy has great plans for all the money he’s going to make from his lemonade stand. But there’s a problem: he was so thirsty that he drank all the lemonade. Luckily lovable Froggy has lots of good friends to help him find a solution. Even if they don’t get rich, they all have a very good time …More

Frog and Toad Are Friends
Frog and Toad Are Friends
By Lobel, Arnold
Illustrator Lobel, Arnold
2017-01 – HarperCollins
9780062572738 Check Our CatalogFive tales recounting the adventures of two best friends – Frog and Toad. …More


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