Hello, May!

Summer is right around the corner! They say that March winds, and April showers, bring forth May flowers! May also means that another school year is coming to a close! We hope you’ve all had a productive and enjoyable year!


May 1: May Day!
  May Day dates back to ancient Roman times, when people would celebrate Flora, the goddess of flowers!

Nowadays, it has many meanings to many different cultures and religions. Nevertheless, it keeps its hopeful springtime outlook! We hope you enjoy “Rose’s Garden” this May Day!


May 4: Star Wars Day!
  May the Fourth be with you! Today is a fun holiday dedicated to the classic Star Wars series! Whether you’re a Sci-Fi geek or a Science buff, we think you’ll enjoy exploring our universe with “Older Than The Stars”!


May 5: On this date… The First American in space.
  Flying a Mercury Spacecraft, Alan Shepard became the first American man in space on May 5th, 1961!

Celebrate his spirit of adventure, and American ingenuity with the classic “Let’s Go!”



May 5: Free Comic Book Day!
  Every year, on the first Saturday in May, Comic Book Stores, authors, artists, publishers, and other retailers celebrate “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY” by offering up some amazing content to their loyal readers and comic book newbies!

Join us in celebrating the day with Geronimo Stilton, starring in “The Discovery of America”!



May 9: Born on this day… J.M. Barrie!
  Happy Birthday Mr. Barrie!

Born in 1860, J.M. Barrie would be a whopping 158 years old if he were alive today!

He is best known for writing the play and book, “Peter Pan”, which is beloved by children around the world (particularly those who never grow up!)



May 11: Happy Birthday, Martha Graham! (1893-1991)
  Martha Graham was born on May 11, 1893, and was a hugely influential American dancer during her long and illustrious career!

We like to think that she’d get a kick out of “Frank was a Monster Who Wanted To Dance” about a friendly little monster who LOVES dancing so much, he just FALLS APART!


May 14: Happy Birthday, Gabriel Fahrenheit!
  Born on May 14, 1686, Gabriel Fahrenheit would be 331 years old today! Fahrenheit is most famous for developing his Fahrenheit Scale which measures temperature based on three fixed points: 0 was the temperature of salt water ice bath, 32 was the point at which water freezes, and 96 was the temperature of a human body.

Explore what it means to be hot and cold, and how the body reacts to those changes, in “Too Hot! Too Cold!”


May 14: Happy Mother’s Day!
  In North America, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May… this year it’s May 13th.

We honor Mothers and maternal guardians everywhere by presenting “The Biggest Job Of All”!


May 15: International Day of Families
  May 15th is the international Day of Families! Families come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they live close together, but sometimes they may live far apart. Sometimes two people make a family… and sometimes there are DOZENS.

As different as families are, the most important thing they all share is LOVE… as the “I Love Saturdays y Domingos” will show.


May 17: On this date… The US Supreme Court officially desegregated American schools
  On May 17, 1954, the US Supreme Court ruled in the case of Brown Vs. The Board of Education and officially desegregated schools in the United States. This meant that black people could go to school with white people, and opened up more educational opportunities for children around the country.

In “Ruby’s Wish”, Ruby can definitely empathize with this struggle. All she wants is to learn and be given the same opportunities as her brothers! But because she is a girl, she is expected to grow up and marry, not go to university. Ruby shows how important it is to persevere in the fight for equal rights.


May 17: Day against Homophobia
  May 17th is a day to stand up to homophobia, a form of bullying and discrimination.

There are many books which teach children that bullying is bad, including one of our favorites: “I Miss Franklin P. Shuckles”.

It is about a little girl named Molly who befriends and then betrays her friend Franklin because she wanted to fit in with the “cool” kids who were making fun of him.

The story tells a timeless lesson: that love and friendship are stronger than bullying and alienation.


May 23: World Turtle Day
  May 23rd is a day to bring attention to the important role that Turtles and Tortoises play in the world’s ecosystems!

We hope “Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out!” will do just that!


May 25: Geek Pride Day!
  Don’t Panic! Do you know where your towel is? No matter… the cake is a lie, anyway. Speak “friend” and enter!

May 25th is Geek Pride Day, and if you’re not quite sure what anything meant in the first part of this section, that’s ok! Join the GEEK side – we have cookies! AND BOOKS! “Bill The Boy Wonder” is a fantastic book that tells the story of the original creator of BATMAN!

Like a leaf on the wind, you’ll think I am your father, but I have a bad feeling about this… because you might Expecto Patronum and ask “beam me up, Scotty!”

(But wait! There’s More! May 25th is also Towel Day, in honor of hoopy frood extraordinaire, Douglas Adams, and his classic book “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”!)


May 27: On this date… The Grand Opening of The Golden Gate Bridge!
  The grand opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, California, was held on May 27, 1937. It had taken four years, and over $25 million to complete! Construction began in January of 1933!

The classic book, “Pop’s Bridge”, tells the story of just a few of the MANY workers who helped build the bridge, particularly those who lost their lives when a scaffolding fell shortly before the grand opening. It is an endearing story that shows the importance of teamwork and respect.


May 29: World Digestive Health Day
  What goes in… must come out! You are what you eat! Let’s chew the fat… That’s my cup of tea!

If the sheer number of English idioms about eating and digesting are any proof, digestive health is vitally important to our lives! After all, you wouldn’t want to bite off more than you can chew!



May 28: Memorial Day
  The United States celebrates Memorial Day on the last Monday in May. The day honors those who’ve given their lives in military service to the country.

Why not take a trip around the country’s capitol this Memorial Day, by reading “Postcards from Washington, D.C.”?



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