Celebrating Differences

These wonderful books are all about celebrating our differences. Many of the characters in these books struggle with feeling good about themselves when they don’t look like their friends or sometimes even their family.

But they learn to love and appreciate who they are and that it’s not important to look like everyone else. It’s more important to be oneself!


Title: Boonoonoonous Hair!

Author: Olive Senior

Illustrator: Laura James

Boonoonoonous hair

In this vibrant and exquisitely illustrated picture book, written by Commonwealth Prize -winning Jamaican- Canadian Olive Senior.

A young girl learns to love her difficult-to manage, voluminous and boonoonoonous hair.


Title: Princess Hair

Author: Sharee Miller (Illustrator)

Princess hair cover

Little girls pretending to be princesses celebrate the different shapes, textures, and styles of their black hair.


Title: Bedtime Bonnet

Author: Nancy Amanda Redd

Illustrator: Nneka Myers

Bedtime bonnet cover

As family members braid, brush, twirl, roll, and tighten their hair before bedtime, putting on kerchiefs, wave caps, and other protective items, the little sister cannot find her bonnet.


Title: Cool Cuts

Author:  Mechal Renee Roe, author, illustrator.

Cool cuts cover

“An illustrated, joyful celebration of African-American boys’ hairstyles” –Provided by publisher.


Title: Chocolate Me!

Author: Taye Diggs

Illustrator: Shane W. Evans

Chocolate me! cover

Relates the experiences of a dark-skinned, curly-haired child who wishes he could look more like lighter-skinned children in his community until his mother helps him realize realize how wonderful he is inside and out.


Title: Brown Sugar Babe

Author: Charlotte Watson Sherman

Illustrator: Akem

Brown sugar babe cover

“When a little girl has doubts about the color of her skin, her mother shows her all the wonderful  beautiful things brown can be! This message of self-love and acceptance uses rich, dreamy illustrations to celebrate the color using all the senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing”


Title: Sulwe

Author: Lupita Nyong’o

Illustrator: Vashti Harrison

Sulwe cover

When five-year-old Sulwe’s classmates make fun of her dark skin, she tries lightening herself to no avail, but her encounter with a shooting star helps her understand there is beauty in every shade.


Title: Hey Black Child

Author: Useni Eugene Perkins

Illustrated: Bryan Collier

Hey black child cover

“A lyrical, empowering poem that celebrates black children seeks to inspire all young ones to dream big and achieve their goals” Provided by publisher.


Title: Welcome, Precious

Author: Nikki Grime

Illustrator: Bryan Collier

Welcome, Precious cover

Illustrations and text welcome a new baby to some of life’s delights, from “the glistering mystery of soap bubbles” to “the swish of leaves in the breeze.”



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