Baby Shark!!!

Make the whole Baby Shark family and put on your own puppet theater musical!

Shark Character Puppets


  • color construction paper (if you don’t have color paper you can use white paper and color your characters with markers/crayons/color pencils)
  • glue stick (tape or liquid glue will work)
  • something to make large and small circles (a compass or any cylindrical bottles/cups/jars you find at home can be used to trace circles, you can decide on their sizes, mine are approximately 3″ and 2″ in diameter)
  • scissors
  • pencil or pen
  • optional: Popsicle sticks (unsharpened pencils will work)
  • optional: googly eyes
  • optional: a shoebox to make a diorama
  • optional: white color pencil or crayon to draw teeth
  • optional: markers/crayons/color pencils to add details

shapes needed to make each shark

Instructions for Each Shark:

  • select a color for your shark
  • cut two large circles of the same size, one from white paper and one in your selected color
  • cut two small circles of the same size, one from red paper and one in your selected color
  • cut out a triangle in your chosen color
  • cut the white and red circles in half (you will only need a half circle of each color per shark)
  • layer the white half circle over the large color circle, glue it in place
  • take the small circle, in your selected color, and cut it in half (these will be the arm/pectoral fins) tuck one on each side of your shark head and glue in place
  • take the red half circle, this will be mouth, you can add zig-zag lines to make teeth or color in teeth with a white color pencil or crayon, you can also change the shape of the mouth to make a smile, it’s up to you!
  • once the mouth is in place glue the googly eyes or make some out of white paper by cutting tiny circles with black marker dots in the center
  • now glue the triangle paper to the top of the shark, this will be the to top/dorsal fin

baby shark puppets

Instructions for the Little Fish:

  • cut a small circle
  • cut two triangles of the same size
  • tuck one triangle at the side of the circle to make a tail
  • cut the other triangle in half, tuck one at the top of the circle and one at the bottom to make the fins
  • decorate a face
  • optional, trace the outline of the completed fish to make a second fish cutout, decorate this one with a different facial expression and attached it to the back of the first fish
  • don’t forget to glue the Popsicle stick in between

Instructions for the Ocean Scene:

  • use a sheet of blue construction paper
  • cut out anything you want to see in your ocean scene: seaweed, coral, sand, treasure chests, anchors, mermaids, sea creatures, etc.
  • glue all your pieces onto the blue paper
  • optional, glue the blue paper to the bottom of a shoe box and wrap the edges to make an ocean diorama


2 paper sharks

Now it’s time to get musical and put on your own puppet show! Have lots of fun and try singing different variations of Baby Shark!!


sharks in shoebox

*if you make a diorama shoebox you can store your sharks and fish inside the box when you’re done playing with them 🙂


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